PageType™ is an XML based Content Management System written in PHP. Features include modules and plugins, templates and themeing, multi-language support, registered users, a debugger and a safe-mode to block embeded PHP code.


PageType™ was designed from the ground up to be simple to configure and maintain. The Admin Panel provides a user-freindly interface to the CMS, including easy site administration, control over global settings and default values, intelligent content editors for elements such as layouts, pages and modules, and 1-click installation of packages such as themes, plugins and services.

For developers, the CMS comes with a built-in debugger, for simplified tracing of errors and conflicts. Not only that, but due to the design of the CMS the migration of sites is a breeze.


Themes, Plugins, Services, Localization


PHP 5, XML, No Database, API


REST, Safe-mode, Authentification, Custom Error Pages

When working in safe-mode any PHP code is automatically removed at runtime from layouts, pages and modules. The PHP code is not phisically removed from the files, only stripped to avoid it being visible to the user. Safe-mode lets you to provide admin access to the PageType APIs without exposing PHP, or allowing unintended access to the underlying architecture.